Entry Fit™ K2A-Series Pre-Finished Adjustable Double Rabbet Steel Door Frames for Interior and Exterior Application

Designed for new construction or remodel in high rise, assisted living, hotel, motel, office or residential applications.

Features and Specifications

  • Main jambs 18 gage, Closure Trim 22 gage
  • 6 Wall sizes 4” to 9 1/2”, 1” adjustment each. Larger wall sizes available upon request.
  • Manufactured of corrosion resistant galvannealed steel
  • Anchoring holes & nail clearance slots for wood casing
  • 4” Hinge Prep with 5/8” radius.
  • 2-3/4”Adjustable T-strike prep with 2-3/4” deadbolt prep
  • Allows units to be site delivered pre-assembled with door
  • Standard IDP Inc. threshold prep at no charge

Options (additional charge will apply)

  • 2-1/4” Full lip strike prep
  • 4-7/8” ASA strike prep
  • 4-1/2” Hinge Prep
  • Custom threshold prep
  • Pre-finished metal casing to match frame
K2A Series Frame

Great for 90 minute applications for house to garage as well as light commercial and multifamily projects where pre-hung door units save time and money on installation